Meet the engineering might that makes up Coshxlabs

  • Ben Taitelbaum

    Ben Taitelbaum

    Business Analysis, Tech Audits, Training, Docker, BDD, Rails
  • Edi Gil

    Edi Gil

    UX, UI
  • Chielo Zimmerman

    Chielo Zimmerman

    Automation Engineer
    Chef, Docker, AWS, Automation, Bash Scripting
  • David Wert

    David Wert

    Applications Engineer
    Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, C#, Ember.js, HIPAA, Javascript
  • Tilakam Watterson

    Tilakam Watterson

    Business Manager
    Financial Planning, HR, Quickbooks, Harvest
  • Michael Wytock

    Michael Wytock

    Applications Scientist
    PyData Stack, R, Javascript, Angular
  • Jeremy Weiland

    Jeremy Weiland

    Software Developer
    Ruby, Rails, Javascript, SQL, MongoDB

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