One of the most common mistakes I witness with startups is that they have a great idea for a product, but they don’t vet their product thoroughly before launch. Not vetting a product means spending more valuable resources, namely time and money, on fixing mistakes. Here are some tips from our humble development team on how to avoid that waste and maximize ROI when outsourcing or hiring engineers. After all, a product is still just an idea until it’s been vetted. What do I mean by vet? In a nutshell:

  1. Make sure your product code is rock solid. If you wouldn’t build your house upon sand, then why would you build your product out on a code base that’s not going to support it? Your product will eventually crash, and scaling - forget it!

  2. Ask potential users if they actually like what you’ve created. Please don’t wait until you’re done (or nearly done) to ask, make it a process that happens along the course of design and engineering.

  3. Vet your dev team and choose wisely. Don’t just select the resume with the most languages or projects, take a good look at the candidate(s) or team who has done a great job on something similar to your needs. Ask many questions, and know that one of the things that separates an okay engineer from a great engineer is honesty, even if it means s/he needs to turn your project down or recommend someone else for the job.