Hello internet people,

Allow me to take this chance and welcome you into my lovely world of design. I hope to turn this into a weekly series with new resources each week. These posts will contain educational material, useful links, interesting information and probably a lot of bad jokes.

Let’s start with some good, new, old, and valuable posts to read. Actually, here’s a better idea:

Look into my eyes and follow this blog!


No one is forcing you to check them out but they are there, lively and cheerful like unicorns, yes they exist! Damn good at hide and seek though. Now before anyone erupts into tears from imagining the beauty that unicorns are, the light and knowledge they represent, please take some warm, hot chocolate and read something. Maybe the links shared here? :)

Even if there is a chance that you are not interested in design nor anything design related, reading new things and expanding your mind is always good. What if you are one of those users (backed by serious UX research, pssst, do no tell anyone) who do not read, who have no time and are too busy? Maybe you should enjoy life a little bit more. I am refusing to believe that users are like that. End of rant or maybe … NOT (Was this a rant?)

Now go and check these out, read everything, learn new things, read in Stewie Griffins beautiful voice, with the extra word “baby”

Fresh Stuff baby:

Learning to see Data Interface Guidelines for Dummies

Resources baby:

List of Free Stock Photos Websites

Knowledge baby:

UX Myths UX Booth

Comedy baby:

UX Reactions

Sketch Video baby: (I don’t like Sketch, but everyone else does, so you’ll probably enjoy this one …)

Fun Times

These should be enough for today, because as you may know, serious UX research tells us that people do not like to read and have a short attention span. End of rant