Hi there!

I’m Florent, a French software engineering student in my 5th and last year, I have done a great summer internship for Coshx Labs in San Francisco from June to August 2014 and, better late than never, I’d like to give you some feedback. Let me be precise that I do personally think what I have put into in this article and that no one forced me to write it. I really loved working in Coshx and it has been a turning point in my life, continuously telling myself “Wow, that’s totally what I want to do in my professional life!”.

A great team

First of all, a critical point to have in mind when planning to work in a company is : will you feel comfortable with the team? When you come to work with Coshx Labs, the question actually turns out to be: how in earth could you not get along well with the team? Every single member of the team is passionate and passionating, very friendly and intelligent and, last but not least, they love what they do! Yes, a great team that likes working together on awesome projects gets even greater this way.

Moreover, what I think is typical in tech companies but that I felt very strongly in Coshx is horizontal organization: the managers are really kind, skilled and close to other team members; you actually don’t feel any bad hierarchy effect such as what you would get in a big company. You always are listened to, your ideas get truly considered and, as an intern, I have been completely fitting in the team, feeling like I was in my element.

Client closeness and high tech means

Client closeness is another key point that contributed to make this internship unforgettable. When you work for Coshx Labs, even if you are an intern, you can fully interact with the clients on a day to day basis, discuss with them to make their projects get better all together. You also are able to have an overall view on the projects you are working on. Did I tell you how great Coshx’ clients’ projects are? I can’t tell you the details of the most interesting parts of what I’ve been doing last summer (non-disclosure agreement), but trust me, Coshx’ clients are not just anyone, you know. They often have awesome ideas and by working for Coshx you get the privilege to contribute to their achievement!

With great clients come high tech means. Agile methods are often (not to say always) applied to interact with the clients in the best way, along with using high technologies so Coshx can take advantage of the last features available to build the best apps possible. Everyone in Coshx likes remaining at the cutting edge of technology by constantly trying new things to improve everyday programming life. During my internship, I have been working on different recent technologies such as Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Three.JS… That was very enjoyable.


I want to highlight something that really matters in my choice of a company to work for: flexibility. Coshx Labs gives you a certain kind of freedom that I find very enjoyable. Working hours can be flexible when you need it to be. I had to visit some apartments to get a roof over my head for the summer and I really appreciated that I could take some time even in a working day afternoon to do so.

And flexibility is not the only asset Coshx has, it also shows a perfect reactivity on every single thing you could ask. If you haven’t experienced it, you wouldn’t believe how much time some processes can take in some companies; if you are to join Coshx team, you will never get into those ridiculous losses of time.

Not just coworkers

I’ll put an end to this article highlighting that Coshx team is so great that its members will certainly become more than just your coworkers. Going out together to have a drink or to go hiking was pretty usual and very pleasant. Gabe and Michael also took much time to help me get on my feet in San Francisco, which definitely helped me enjoy the experience.

The fact that Coshx’ members take some time of their own to teach Ruby and Rails classes through RailsSchool, which is totally free and open to everyone, is a good example of their open-mindedness and sense of sharing that make them be such awesome people.

By the way, would you like me to tell you a secret: who is the best guy in Coshx Labs? Stewie, of course! I’m talking about Gabe’s cute dog who often was with us working on great stuffs… and getting petted with love.

Come on, did you really say you have never been running a one week hackathon with your team under the sun in a lovely lake house in Virginia? It’s so sad, you should definitely try it! Yes, I’m serious: I was lucky enough to live that fantastic annual team gathering, also taking the opportunity to quickly visit New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Charlottesville. Isn’t that crazy? I suggest you try and get happy in your professional life.