Last year there was an awesome competition, some of you may remember it. Heck, some of you may have even entered it. For those of you who don’t know or need a reminder, the premise was simple; Enter your awesome app idea to our contest, get enough votes to be one of the top five winners, have a solid enough business plan to be attractive to David Cohen from TechStars to select your idea for nothing less than $50k worth of design and development from the Coshx team. Pretty wow-worthy, right?

Last year’s competition was a success, in that, there were a ton of great ideas offered and there was a lot of buzz. This year as we considered running the competition again we wanted to do it a little differently. Why mess with success, you might ask? We wanted to combine the Coshx AppOutLoud competition with the added kicker of being building the winning idea in a competition of our own at the Launch Hackathon in San Francisco.  Again, pretty wow-worthy, right?

But we think the Hackathon has the edge and here’s why.

Just think about it. Your idea could be built by a top-notch team at a top-level, competitive hackathon where the best teams with the best demos are gonna be selected to showcase their work for all the world to see.  Over ten thousand attendees are expected at the LAUNCH Festival following the Hackathon. The potential exposure alone is worth more than we can estimate.

From the Launch Festival FAQ regarding the products that will be highlighted, “It has to be a feature or product that GigaOm, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Mashable, and ReadWrite all want to cover. It has to be so new that Robert Scoble, Om Malik, Dave McClure, Chris Sacca and Michael Arrington say, "That’s f-ing cool!” when they see it on stage. Think to yourself, “Self, is this really killer and impressive?” Are Robert Scoble, Shervin Pishevar, Kevin Rose, Chris Dixon or Dave Morin going to tweet: “This rocks!”?“

So what do you think? Go to AppOutLoud and lay it on us. What’s your idea that will make the judges swoon, tweet and clamor to get up close and personal? We’re here and we’re ready to launch your idea! Let’s build something.