This was a really fun week at Coshx. Not only did we get to celebrate launching this new version of our site, but we also finished the week with a 48-hour hackathon.

Over the next week, some awesome community members are going to use one of the projects to give us honest feedback about our ideas, code, development strategies, or whatever else they feel like reviewing. They’ll also be choosing which projects receive awards.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Hackathons Screenshot

This meta-project provides information about all of the hackathon projects, and allows the judges to review and nominate projects for awards. Pitiya took a stab at wireframes and html+scss, Ben got practice prioritizing down to just the most important features, and Gil cut out mockups in record time.

Weather Rooster Screenshot

Gabe and Michael were wondering which weather predicting services are the best for San Francisco, so they created a system to plot and track this. As it starts collecting data over the next 30 days, we’ll start seeing some interesting results, especially if this gains momentum and we start seeing more services being added.

BibleShare Screenshot

Sang wanted a place to have both public and private conversations alongside Bible verses, so he created this modern tool for social religious study.

Schedule Share Screenshot

If you’ve ever had to deal with keeping track of multiple calendars from various accounts, you’ll appreciate the simplicity that Ryan and Mike’s Schedule Share gives you. This service allows you to combine existing calendars into new ones that can be shared with other people and devices.

MobileDiner Screenshot

Not only did this team aim to solve the problem of finding good food trucks reliably, they also took the opportunity to dive head first into RubyMotion, bolstered by Gil’s stellar design. This was David K and Calvin’s first native iOS app, and Dave K’s first RubyMotion app.