Last week we did something a little different for our tech lunch. We celebrated our first birthday as a company with a recap and, of course, a retrospective. This was a very exciting milestone so I wanted to share some of my thoughts about it here as well.

TL;DR: It’s been a great, amazing year that exceeded my dreams.

We grew from 5 to 10 people and worked with many others throughout the year, including 3 summer interns. We did work for at least 10 different clients. Our work included Agile coaching and planning, Android development, DevOps, and of course lots of Ruby on Rails. Collectively, we participated in countless conferences, community events, training days, and more. We did a tech lunch nearly every week. We held 2 2-day hackathons.

At 10 people, Coshx continues to feel to me like a small company where anyone who cares is empowered to take initiative and free to make a difference. We currently have 3 full-timers in Boulder, 3 in Charlottesville, and remote workers in Baltimore and Taos.

Our goals for 2012 include opening our tech lunches to a wider audience, doubling our hackathons, blogging a lot more, diversifying our technologies used, and speaking at events more often. In about a year we’ll grade ourselves on these goals and issue ourselves a report card here.

Through our work for our clients, we are helping people save energy in their homes, fight cancer, organize a huge conference on religion, use their smart phones to avoid waiting in line at coffee shops, and much more.

Most of the year we had to explain that we were so busy working for our clients that our own website was just a placeholder. Towards the end of the year we finally launched a real website as well.

If you’ve read this far then perhaps you’re interested in learning more about our services, working with us, attending our tech lunches, or something else? If so, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.